CINEMA 3 (2012)
edited by Patrícia Silveirinha Castello Branco 


Editorial: Cinema, the Body and Embodiment, 1-9   PDF

Abstracts, 10-18   PDF 



Fleshing Out the Image: Phenomenology, Pedagogy, and Derek Jarman’s Blue, 19-38   PDF 
    Vivian Sobchack

Seduction Incarnate: Pre-Production Code Hollywood and Possessive Spectatorship, 39-61   PDF
    Ana Salzberg

A Phenomenology of Reciprocal Sensation in the Moving Body Experience of Mobile Phone Films, 62-83   PDF  
    Gavin Wilson

Cinema of the Body: The Politics of Performativity in Lars Von Trier’s Dogville and Yorgos Lanthimo’s Dogtooth, 84-108   PDF 
    Angelos Koutsourakis

The Body of Il Duce: The Myth of the Political Physicality of Mussolini in Marco Bellocchio’s Vincere, 109-123   PDF 
    Marco Luceri

Eija-Liisa Ahtila: The Palpable Event, 124-154   PDF 
    Andrew Conio

Upside-Down Cinema: (Dis)Simulation of the Body in the Film Experience, 155-182   PDF 
    Adriano D’Aloia

Embodying Movies: Embodied Simulation and Film Studies, 183-210   PDF 
    Vittorio Gallese and Michele Guerra

Existential Feelings: How Cinema Makes Us Feel Alive, 211-228   PDF 
    Dina Mendonça

The Body as Interface: Ambivalent Tactility in Expanded Rube Cinema, 229-253   PDF 
    Seung-hoon Jeong



A propos d’Images (a suivre)Entretien avec Marie-Jose Mondzain, 254-271   PDF 
    by Vanessa Brito



Conference Round-Up Summer 2012: Powers of the False (Institut Français, London, 18-19 May), SCSMI Conference (Sarah Lawrence College/NYU, New York, 13-16 Jun.), Film-Game-Emotion-Brain (University of Amsterdam, 14-21 Jul.), and Film-Philosophy Conference (Queen Mary – University of London/King’s College London/Kingston University, 12-14 Sept.), 272-283   PDF 
    William Brown



Círculos e Poéticas em Filmes Literários de Fernando Lopes, 284-300   PDF 
    Eduardo Paz Barroso