CINEMA 4 (2013)

edited by Sérgio Dias Branco 


Editorial: Cinema, Religion, and Their Philosophical Thinking, 1-3   PDF
    Sérgio Dias Branco

Abstracts, 4-12   PDF 



A Night at the Opera of Talmudic Reasoning: The “Jewishness” of Jewish Cinema, 14-27   PDF 
    Shai Biderman

From Up in the Air to the Roots of Avatar’s Tree of Souls: Hossein Nasr’s Islamic Traditionalism and the Hope for Western Futures Grounded in the Sacredness of the Earth, 28-43   PDF 
    Daniel Bradley

Revisiting Dhvani in the Context of the Aesthetics of Experience in Film, 44-61   PDF  
    Anuradha Chandra

The Tao of BwO: Deleuzian Becomings in Kung Fu Cinema, 62-80   PDF 
    Amir Vodka

Silence as the Space for Love: Bergman’s Trilogy and the Absence of God, 81-96   PDF 
    Earl Allyson P. Valdez

A Linguagem e os Ritos Sacrificiais no Cinema de João César Monteiro, 97-115   PDF 
    Catarina Maia

Approches d’un style spirituel au cinéma : Dans la brume de Sergei Loznitsa, 116-132   PDF 
    Inês Gil

How Film Can Carry Being: Film Melodrama and Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, 133-163   PDF 
    Warwick Mules

Des films cannibales, ou l’humanisme mis à mal, 164-183   PDF 
    Frédéric Marteau
    Christophe Becker

A Cannibal’s Sermon: Hannibal Lecter, Sympathetic Villainy and Moral Revaluation, 184-208   PDF 
    Aaron Taylor



Film/Religion: A Conversation with P. Adams Sitney, 210-215   PDF
    by Sérgio Dias Branco



2013: A Slow Year, 217-223   PDF 
    William Brown