CINEMA 7 (2015)


edited by Patrícia Castello Branco   PDF


Abstracts, 1-9   PDF 



The Cinematic Life of the Figural: Mapping Shapes of Time in Terrence Malick’s The New World (2005), 11-27
    Gabriella Blasi   PDF

On Some Posthuman Motifs in Walter Benjamin: Mickey Mouse, Barbarism and Technological Innervation, 28-47
    Daniel Mourenza   PDF

Human/Cyborg/Alien/Friend: Postwar Ressentiment in Japanese Science Fiction and Posthuman Ethics in Kamen Rider Fourze, 48-66
    Se Young Kim   PDF

The Hard Technological Bodies of Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow, 67-85
    Aaron Tucker   PDF

Posthumanist Panic Cinema? The Films of Andrew Niccol, 86-106
    Jon Baldwin   PDF

Posthumanism in Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle: Autopoiesis and the “Hermetic State”, 107-130
    Irina Chkhaidze   PDF

Rediscovering our Humanity: How the Posthuman Noir Anime Darker Than Black Subverts the Tropes of Film Noir to Reaffirm a Humanist Agenda, 131-148
    Maxine Gee   PDF

Zombie Cinema and the Anthropocene: Posthuman Agency and Embodiment at the End of the World, 149-168
    Phillip McReynolds   PDF


Investigating Image and Gesture: Cinema and Agamben. Ethics, Biopolitics and the Moving Image, 170-175
    Tom Lordan   PDF

Seeing the Light: Exploring Ethics Through Movies, 176-178
    A.G. Holdier   PDF

Philosophy and Blade Runner, 179-183
    Keith Dromm   PDF

Mise-en-Scène and/Or Mise-en-Cadre?: Questions from the Book Post-Cinematic Theatre And Performance, 184-186
    Cláudia Madeira   PDF

Music, Performance, and the Realities of Film: Shared Concert Experiences in Screen Fiction, 184-186
    Nick Poulakis   PDF